Combo unlikely, day 1

What a day! I did way more than I planned on doing.

As the name suggests, this year I’m focusing on combos and regretting past choices that are not available now because of your past hubris.

Combo-wise, you can bump to attack for 1 damage, or chose a combo for much more damage and other effects. You have a set of Powers that mostly determine the strength of your combo (+6, +4 &  poison, +2 & fire, etc), a set of Effects that mostly determine the minor effects of your combo (fire, x2 power, swap places, etc), and a set of Actions that mostly determine the shape of your combo (circular attack, cross attack, summon, etc). Chose one of each to make a combo.

Regret-wise, anything used in a combo becomes unavailable until you use all your combos. So a “x2 fire” effect would be perfect right now, but you used it 2 turns ago so all you’re left with is a “+2” effect.

Example possibilities:

  • +4 fire circular attack
  • 8 x2 rain
  • summon 6+5 fire
  • +6 knockback X-shaped attack

Also, You can play with the mouse or keyboard.

I also added basic races (humans add nothing, lizardfolk add poison, fairies add magic) and classes (elementalists add fire, earth, water, & air effects; gladiators add more combat actions, shadow mages add more sneaky and random actions). I’m sure the details are going to change a lot over the next few days but the basics are there.

Overall, an excellent day.

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