Fully Legitimate Excavator Of Historical Sites, I Swear

For 7DRL 2017 I’m going to try something which has been in my ideas file for a few years: a card-based health system where each health card gives you different abilities depending on whether it’s healthy or damaged.

You control the order in which normal enemy attacks damage your health cards, so you can influence how your abilities change as your health changes.

On the other hand, different types of attacks might affect health cards in a different order. You can use this to disable enemies quickly, but enemies with special attacks could likewise subvert your sequence of health cards.

I’m going to be taking some inspiration from deckbuilding board games to restrict how players can customise their health card loadout.

I’ll be using Python 3 and BearLibTerminal for display, and Wangscape to generate terrain tilesets. My piano’s getting tuned on Tunesday Tuesday, so I might record a piece or two for background music.

The focus is on interesting mechanics rather than a unique theme, so I’ve called it Fully Legitimate Excavator Of Historical Sites, I Swear.

Starting… now!

Author: SerinDelaunay

[they/them] Developer of Wangscape, a procedural tileset generator.

2 thoughts on “Fully Legitimate Excavator Of Historical Sites, I Swear”

  1. Sounds neat!

    So do you chose what you lose when attacked or do you lose the rightmost (for example) effect? This could be really neat. Especially if there’s an advantage to being almost lost – maybe a +3 to damage becomes a +6, or jump 2 becomes a jump 4 if it’s next in line to be lost? Looking forward to what you come up with!

  2. Thanks!

    Generally the rightmost healthy card becomes damaged. But different types of attack will have different ways of bypassing healthy cards. For instance, an attack could skip the first healthy card and damage the next one, it could select all the cards that aren’t behind heavy armour and damage a random one, or it could do a second attack starting where the first one stopped. Damage values are going to be pretty low – 1 or 2 would be normal, 3+ should only happen late in the game, with characters built around damage. One damage point – one chance to damage a health card.

    Different types of defence cards will have different ways to counter attacks – they might have a chance to parry/resist without being damaged, or be transparent to non-magical attacks, or block armour-piercing effects.

    I definitely want a lot of cards that make 1HP builds viable – cards that give powerful tactical bonuses when damaged (and the cheap ones will have penalties when healthy), combined with one healthy card to be protected at all cost.

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