Fully Legitimate Excavator Of Historical Sites, I Swear (after 2 days)

It’s about two days since I started work on FLEOHSIS (github). I’ve been mostly working on interface code the past two days (making the display data-driven, using the observer pattern to keep it updated). I pledged not to spend 6 days writing engine code this year, so it’s time to start implementing gameplay features. First: defense and attack abilities on health cards!

Things that worked well since the last report:

  • Relaxing dark colour schemes for Jupyter notebooks.
  • obsub. What a lovely library.
  • BearLibTerminal always looks great. Probably because it has TrueType fonts and no tutorials telling people to use clown vomit colours for everything.
  • euclid3 is a nice lightweight library with 2D vectors that behave in sensible ways. Apart from its __repr__ function, which thinks everything needs a decimal point. And the Vector2 class name, which needs a capital V to tab-complete. Both easily fixed with monkey patches.
  • Bits of code that I ripped out of last year’s 7DRL.

Things that didn’t work so well:

  • mypy is a nice idea, but I like namedtuples, I like default arguments, and I like to write code full of namedtuples with default arguments, and Python’s type hinting facilities just can’t handle them. Not until Python 3.6.1, which is scheduled for release a week after the end of the challenge.
  • BearLibTerminal’s documentation isn’t quite in sync with its features, so I spent an hour or two bashing my head against the change in how to specify text wrapping bounds.

Author: SerinDelaunay

[they/them] Developer of Wangscape, a procedural tileset generator.

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