The Abyss of Souls – Day 2

Day 2 sees the game starting to shape up, with saving and loading implemented, and hordes of monsters roaming about to make your day miserable.


Level generation I am doing via a ‘generation grammar’ system, which is a series of rules that are run to subdivide the level space, then fill it with stuff. For example you can split the level in to 3 parts, fill the middle with water and the edges with dirt and you have a river. This quickly balloons in complexity, as you can see in the following image of the grammar for the first level:

Luckily I have access to a powerful tool I wrote to handle this for me, otherwise this approach would be impossible!


More pictures of the first level:

Day 2 done, day 3 will be focused on making some more levels to explore, and hooking them together.

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