Abyss 7DRL: Day 3.5

Hi all,
here is the status of my game after 3.5 days of development.

Many roguelikes share the concept of crawling down a procedural dungeon as deep as you can to retrieve a fabled item. Abyss removes the dungeon and makes depth one of your enemies.

In Abyss, you are a scientific submarine searching for the legendary fish of Yendor, a species never observed alive before. Collect sea-life specimens, upgrade your ship, manage your O2, and reinforce the hull to resist the crushing pressure. And beware of what lurks in the abyss…

Day 3 status:

  • procedural sea floor and passive life: Done
  • interface rendering: 50%
  • movement: Done
  • algae and bubbles: Done
  • mothership interaction: 50%
  • entity generation: 0%
  • entity interaction: 0%
  • health/oxygen/power: 50%

So far, so good !

You can follow the game status here: http://labyrinthus.phpnet.org/abyss/
The same webpage will host the (hopefully) finished game on Sunday evening.

First descent

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