Pirates of Rogue Basin – day 2

Today went a little more slowly than yesterday. Still managed to finish the planned features before 48 hours were up, if only just. Glad I finished yesterday a couple hours early!

Added fog of war, constantly updating wind, and ship control/movement. Doesn’t really sound like much, but things could now arguably called fun. I call that a pretty big step forward.

The following screenshot is an animated gif. Apparently, you’ve got to click it to view the animation.

Pirates of Rogues Basin gameplay

Tomorrows goals:

  • Actually enter cities (and shops within cities)
  • Generate other ships randomly sailing from port to port
  • Implement crew mechanics (if < minCrew for a given ship, sailing will be hindered)
  • Decrement stats periodically (eat food/drink rum/decrease morale slowly while at sea)


2 thoughts on “Pirates of Rogue Basin – day 2”

    1. Thanks for the kind words, herblin! I’ll do my best not to disappoint.

      Feel free to try it out now, if you like… clone the repository from https://github.com/v4nz666/7drl2017 and run with Python 2.7 32-bit. Ship battles are still a day or two out, so the _real_ fun is yet to be had, but I feel like the ship controls are pretty fun, and have a pretty nautical feel to them.

      Would love to hear what you think!


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