Unlichtwesen – Day 3 & 4

The end of day 4 sees quite good progress on the game. The player char is done, you can choose to dual-wield two out of 4 weapons (Dagger, Sword, Spear, Morningstar) and every weapon has two moves with differnet patterns and cooldown. This part is really fun and I may extend this in the future, thinking of other weapons and how the moves could be like.

The demons have procedurally generated names, titles and bodyparts now, that influence their stats. Example:

A basic set of move and attack patterns is available as well. Some combinations are already quite fun to battle against. However, this is the part I need to extend on until Saturday evening. Adding more and more patterns could also be an endless task, so I have to see what is feasible and wherelse polish is needed.

One thing I will most likely skip is a sort of progression system. I have some ideas in my mind, but they have the potential to completely screw up the game code and end in a last minute bugfest. The game should be fine in just fighting a demon and count win as you defeat it, just to restart and encounter a new enemy.

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