Casket of Deplorables – Day 3

Another day where sadly I was not able to devote as much time as I wanted.  However I do have a dungeon level with rooms and corridors and doors and an @ that moves in it.

One design issue is that came up is should everything be an entity?  If every floor and wall tile is to become a separate entity that is an extra 4800 per level assuming an 80 x 60 grid.  As each one will have to have an Appearance and Position component at the minimum, that’s going to need an extra kazillion bytes of RAM.  (Calculation is an estimate.)  I ran out of time to think about how that’s going to work.  In the mean time doors are entitities with an Opens component along with Position and Appearance.  And Sir @salot is one with Moves, and Inputs components alongside Position and Appearance.  (Some of my components are named as verbs and some as nouns.  They ought to be one or the other for consistency.)  There are three systems at the moment.  Create for creating the dungeon, Input, and Render.

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