Pirates of Rogue Basin – Day 3

Well, so much for being ahead of the curve! Today was spent almost entirely on fleshing out the Cities. You can now:

  • Enter cities by setting our anchor in an adjacent tile
  • Exit cities by visiting their docks
  • Increase Morale at brothels

Different size cities have more/fewer shops to choose from, but a General Store and Docks are always present.

Cities’ market prices are determined by the quantity/scarcity of the goods.

Coming up (hopefully in the remaining hours of tonight, if I’m to have a chance of getting back on schedule):

  • Buy drinks in taverns (slight morale boost)
  • Hire Crew in taverns
  • Repair Ship’s hull/sail at Shipyards
  • Buy new ships, and ammo at Shipyards
  • Gather Gossip from Cities

Still feeling pretty good about things, though I had originally planned to get much more done on Day 3.

2 thoughts on “Pirates of Rogue Basin – Day 3”

    1. Thanks herblin! Don’t let all the fancy stuff on the screen fool you, though, a bunch of it doesn’t do anything yet 😉

      Should all be operational, today, though, and we should have randomly generated spawning ships at cities around the world to look forward to, as well.

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