Pirates of Rogue Basin – day 4

Today has been a good day. Finished off all of the city functionality, including:

  • Buy and sell ships (you now start without a ship, and must buy one to proceed)
  • Buy and sell goods at the General Store
  • Cities now generate a random set of ships for sale
  • Ship repairs at the shipyard
  • Buy ammo at the shipyard
  • Tavern functionality – buy a round to increase morale, hire crew to man your ship
  • Connected all the elements on the main game window to real data
  • Crew consumes food/rum while at sea
  • Morale decreases slowly while at sea
  • Added a fullscreen command line switch

That’s a lot of stuff! πŸ™‚

It’s really starting to come together. Still a couple major pieces to get right, though. Tomorrow should be exciting.

Here’s a little bit of gameplay, gif-style

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