Seven days to Rogue Day 1-3

Officially this is day 3 but I am only finding 0-2 hours spare to work on this daily. The game is going to be pretty simple given how very little dev time I get at the moment. I am using LibGDX framework, editing using Eclipse and a tile set from

Once finished I will make the Git repo public.

Day 1 – Setup LibGDX project with camera, chunk manager and generated a randomly sized square island. Tile types are GRASS, WATER and CLIFF.

A simple Island

Day 2 – No progress

Day 3 – Generate Box2D shapes for each tile if it is not passable, started writing the code to produce a code for each tile to describe if the surrounding tiles are passable (will use this to add use more of the tileset later).

Added a hero which has a hitbox for collision and a sensor which can pass through blocks.

Animated Gif of movement (shows box2D objects)

I will try to spend more time on this tomorrow but see how my daughter sleeps first, she is only 6 months old.



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