“Arkham After Midnight” 7DRL Released

Arkham After Midnight is an experiment in making a Lovecraft-themed roguelike that attempts to make the roguelike experience feel a little more like a traditional Call of Cthulhu style investigative adventure.

My idea was to, instead of focusing on the procedural generation of terrain, it would focus on procedurally generating the mystery that you follow.  To do this, it assembles a mystery from a predefined group of set pieces called “ploxels” (for “plot elements”) into a complete mystery that is solvable from beginning to end.

The ploxel engine works, and provides a complete game.  Unfortunately, in the seven days, I didn’t have time to make a critical mass of ploxels to have the adventures feel very distinct from game to game, but it has a couple of good plays in it at least, and since the system works, it would be a simple matter to extend the system with more content in future updates as a post-compo version.

I’m really happy with the look of the game.  It feels fairly approachable and polished for a seven-day effort, and the Ultima-inspired sprites, with their heavy use of black, feel quite evocative of the subject matter.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with it.  I would have liked to get more content into the game, but if I think of it as a tech demo, then I’m quite satisfied with it.

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