Casket of Deplorables – Days 4 and 5

I’m getting pretty tired of writing these posts where I only say I did nothing but real life keeps intruding.  Today I did not so much as even look at the code.  If I sprint during the weekend I may still be able to make a playable game but I will have to drastically curtail my ambitions in order to do it.

1 thought on “Casket of Deplorables – Days 4 and 5”

  1. Sympathies, man… I wanted to tell you earlier this week, as I saw your very first post about using C++ and trying some of it’s new features. I did go the C++ route before for 7DRL challenge and it really is not the way to do it. By the end of 4th day, I only had a framework that can load a font and display colorful ASCII characters. Something that would have been done in 4 minutes if using the right tools. Sure I had pretty documentation, unit testing, and all, but the actual game was no closer to existence than 4 days before.

    7DRL should be more of proof-of-concept than making enterprise software. Make it quick and dirty, use “inferior” programming languages, make spaghetti code, pollute it with undocumented magic constants, hack it together, screw reusability and scalability. If the concept is any good and you like it afterwards, you can always rewrite it later.

    C/C++, as much as I like it, is very unforgiving and difficult to tame, if you are not doing it daily.

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