Pirates of Rogue Basin – day 5

Wow, day 5 already. Today was pretty crazy.

News is now generated randomly at cities. News consists of shortages or surpluses of random goods, and causes price increases/decreases as you’d expect. There’s now some real money to be made, out there.

Other captains are now randomly generated at cities around the map. They spawn with a destination city in mind, and when the ai doesn’t freak out and make them run aground, they sail to their destination and disembark.

I recorded a short gameplay gif, hoping to see another captain generated in my travels, but my starting city was an ideal economic hub, and I got distracted. I ran some wood and coffee back and forth enough to upgrade my lowly Caravel to a glorious Sloop. At which point I found a bug where my original ship was shown outside the city when I left (seemed to go away once I moved one square, so should be easy enough to iron out) and I realized the color I’d chosen for the Schooner is the same as the water color. So I sailed around a bit in the wicked fast, but pretty much invisible ship before calling it quits to go change that damn color. :/ Ya can’t win em all I guess.

This gif is animated, as usual.

makin money!
Shipping wood and coffee between a couple of ports, and buying an invisible Schooner!

Tomorrow – Sea battles!

2 thoughts on “Pirates of Rogue Basin – day 5”

    1. Wow, thanks a lot! They’re written using my totally-not-ready-for-public-consumption framework RoguePy (https://github.com/v4nz666/RoguePy). RoguePy is a convenience wrapper around libtcod, and provides a framework for game state management, a pretty nifty UI layer that allows you to build up a DOM-like element structure, including the ability to hide/show, enable/disable element, and UI element-bound input handling. I don’t think I could pull off a 7drl without using it, as it takes care of a LOT of boilerplate work.

      I’ve used this for the past three years, and each year, I mean to take the rest of the year to get it actually ready for release… Maybe this year!

      The master branch of that repository is reasonably self-consistent, but lacking in some features, the dev branch has many new features added, but is a bit messy/redundant in place.

      Anyway, I really appreciate the comment! Thanks a bunch 🙂

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