“The Darkest Deeps” Released

This year is technically my second time trying 7DRL. Last year, however, was a complete failure. I didn’t know anything about map generation and spent 3 days making a broken map generator that didn’t work. I’ve done a lot since then and it’s payed off since I actually finished something this year.

My original idea for The Darkest Deeps was just to make what was basically fire emblem, but with a randomized weapon triangle. That idea kind of morphed into a more mystery dungeon type game over the course of the week. Near the end I threw in some story elements through short monologues and enemy conversations so it was actually interesting. In the end, the game wasn’t overly complex. Adding more gameplay depth is one of my biggest goals for next year. All in all, it was a fun event and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) participating the next one.


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