Abyss 7DRL : Finished !

After trying for many years to develop a roguelike, and always ending with a very complex engine but no game… I am happy to have finished my 7DRL 2017 on time 🙂



The game is about exploring the ocean to find the legendary Fish of Yendor. You must avoid sharks and krakens, but most of all pressure and O2 are your enemies.



What went right:
I managed to finish the game 🙂 It is feature complete (procedural generation, rendering, gameplay, basic AI) and is close to what I had in mind when I started. I have many ideas of what could be added to make the game much more fun, but this will be for future versions, independent from this 7DRL.

What went wrong:
– not much time for testing. The game is very playable, and I guess winnable as well. It may be too easy or too hard, I had no time to adjust the difficulty as much as I wanted.

– no save. This game was also the opportunity for me to learn more about javascript. I am mostly a C/C++ developper these days, and not fully aware of all the new capabilities of JS. Sadly, I could not find the time to learn about saving variables in the browser memory space. Well, take this as a feature, every game is truly new 🙂

I hope some of you will enjoy the game, and stay tuned for future updates when the competition is over.

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