Combo Unlikely – success

I finished my 7DRL Combo Unlikely. It’s “done” but not very fun.

I was able to try out a couple ideas, which I’m fairly happy with:

  • Create combos from sets of powers, effects, and actions.
  • Use hearts as health, pickups, mana for your combos, and to purchase upgrades.
  • Simple elemental system with fire, earth, water, and air. They can be combined and used to attack or summon. When combined incorrectly (eg, fire+water) it blows up and damages you and everything nearby.
  • Simple emotion system with anger, fear, sleep, and charming. When combined incorrectly (any two different ones), it blows up and causes either of those or confusion to you and everyone nearby.

And a few things I’m not happy with:

  • I was using some artwork that I didn’t realize until a couple hours ago is licensed in a way such that I can’t share the source.
  • Not fun.
  • The UI isn’t very good to look at or use and took a lot of what little time I had.
  • Very little is explained in the ui. Who is weak to fire damage? Who is strong vs poison? What the heck kind of monster is that? How much health to enemies have?
  • I no longer have a Windows machine so it is Mac only and you can’t build it yourself due to licensing.
  • Not even close to being balanced. Or maybe it is – I didn’t playtest enough to know for sure.

I’ll write up something better later, but I’m kinda bummed out and bored with it all.

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  1. The .app bundle didn’t work for me (nothing happens when I run it). When I tried running “./” from the command line, I got “Segmentation fault: 11”. Any help?

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