Pepe the Frog vs. Dat Boi in the search of the lost Shadilay – 7DRL Success

Last year i missed the #7DRL (mainly because i was drowned in projects) so i decided to do something silly and quick this year to get back into shape.

So i decided to mix RarePepe assets (a whole different project/movement) with roguelikes and Telegram games, and wham! this happened:

This game has several things into it besides the RL side. It is a pretty simple game from the mechanics point of view:

  • Taxicab geometry
  • No weird tech needed for it (just pre-HTML5 web capabilities)
  • Bump to kill enemies
  • No traditional inventory
  • No LoS
  • No minimap

However, the “cards” which are in the center of the UI are user generated content registered as Counterparty assets (a subprotocol of Bitcoin) with certain rules that ensure rareness and uniqueness. The quirky thing here is that those assets are bought outside the game, and can be used for different purposes in different games with the players’ identities linked to their asset holding “wallet”. This means players can expect to use their assets in different games giving further value and validity to the digital property aspect of the Counterparty assets.

Further content expansion

The game has just a tiny bit of the 750 (till now) cards from the directory implemented as playable, but it shows already a lot of promise in that regard. What i would wish to have more time for is for a better interface to card switching, as currently it just shuffles randomly through the players’ available cards.

The game also needs more enemies and more pickups, but it is expected from the short time frame that some corners are going to be cut on 1-man projects.

What i would have done differently?

  • Use a better UI/UX option (tables and onclick events over images are an insult nowadays) so the game is snappier.
  • Implement better algorithms/use libraries for some stuff (there are O³ algos right there executed every turn). Maybe use Rot.js +
  • Add sounds from the get go, this always nags me at the end because i need to piggyback on a lot of non-sound related stuff to get it right.
  • Not use the telegram game platform. Yeah, it isn’t helping distribution at all. In fact, it is a little bit wonky. Maybe use a bot which connects to a native version of the game.

Finally, Pepe gets naughty at level 7 when it finds the lost shadilay.

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