Pirates of Rogue Basin – day 6

6 down, 1 to go! Got a ton done today, including:

  • Battle mechanics added! You can now fire chainshot and cannonballs from the port and starboard side of your ship.
  • Sound effects added throughout (Thanks @Break-the-silence!)
  • Framework for online leaderboards in place (Thanks @tmathers!)
  • Neighbouring cities of your starting port are now revealed on the map view
  • Crew will go awol if morale is low, when returning to port
  • Cities’ gold is now replenished periodically
  • Implemented pause menu
  • Skills now increase over time, nav (increases line of sight) increases with days spent sailing at sea, gun increases with shots fired from your cannon (increases range of cannons)
  • Updated shipyard UI
  • @Break-the-silence also whipped up a sweet ship tile to use

Here’s a little gameplay gif of us going for a little journey to see, and broadside our good neighbours. Why? Because we can!

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