Postmortem – Caverns of Sevendral

I’m finished! I didn’t get everything in that I wanted to, but I got enough stuff in that it feels fun to play. I was also really bad about doing a diary this year, so this is my first post. Sorry! Anyway, introducing Caverns of Sevendral:

I had an idea for a combat system: normally in Roguelikes, the combat is done by bumping into enemies until one of you dies. The only real tactics are arranging things so that you get the first hit. So I thought, what if every enemy died in one hit, and that was the combat system, dancing around to get the first shot? I added a couple things on top of that (shoving enemies around, and a simple magic system) but it ended up being kind of fun.

If an enemy is one space away from you, walking toward them kills them. If they’re next to you and the space behind them is clear, walking into them shoves them away (so you can then kill them).

Overall I think I spent way too much time making it pretty. I think it’s pretty, but I could probably have made a better game by making everything text and not having neat animations / etc. Also, rot.js aside, Javascript is a pain to work in. Next time I think I’ll use something like Opal just so I can write in a decent language.

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