Rubaiyat: Release

I finally finished my first 7DRL!

My inspiration was sort of a mashup between Mount & Blade, FTL, and the Dwarfstar Barbarian Prince game. You start the game outside of a city that you will need to conquer within 365 days. With a small army, you’ll need to grow your forces before you can win this tough battle.

Play it here in your browser.

You can conquer any other city on the map and levy taxes on the population. You can buy new troops, ships, and make expensive sacrifices to the gods to boost your power.

The game originally had an Oregon Trail vibe, with many different types of animals to hunt. The hunting system was tied into a very simple combat system, but when I upgraded the combat I got rid of the menagerie.

I’m very happy with the games aesthetics; I’ve never seen an animated, color, ascii, hex game before and I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out visually. Most of the major systems except for items were implemented, but the game is really lacking in the number of events available. Random travel events were part of my plan to make different terrain types distinct and interesting. As the game stands now, all you’ll encounter in the wilderness is food, caravans, brigands, and sites. Oh well. I also didn’t have time to finish ship-to-ship combat. And I’m worried that the frequency and difficulty of encounters isn’t right.

Regardless I think the core of the game is pretty good, and I think it would be a lot of fun if more encounters were added and the encounter frequencies were tuned. I plan on expanding it after I take at least a one week break. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback.


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