Settler end of day 7: Success

Wow. I always feel so drained at the end of 7DRL. There I was, madly coding trade routes into the game with minutes to spare.

I’ll be doing let’s plays and answering questions and testing (haha) the game tomorrow but for now here’s a windows zip with instructions inside it and a screenshot.

Settler 7DRL 2017 [168h ver] [Windows]

There may be a bug to do with deploying mobs from a city where the city says it has nowhere to deploy a mob and it’s lying. I’ll look into it tomorrow and see if it’s the kind of thing I can fix and still call it the 168h version or not.

2 thoughts on “Settler end of day 7: Success”

  1. Wow, congrats! When I was reading your posts, I felt that this idea is overkill for 7drl. I’m very glad that you managed to finish Settlers in 7 days 🙂

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