Seven days to Rogue Day 4-5

Only managed a few more hours dev but sticking with this. I have been using Box2D with LibGDX to manage collisions but previously only used the library for lights so spent some time learning about the collision listener and filtering.

Added tree’s to the game, for each land tile placed there is a 10% chance a tree is spawned in. As the trees are a resource I will need to ensure a map has a minimum number of these. The game has one array of entities which are sorted by the entity Y value.

Trees have a Box2D hit box (green) for collisions and also a sensor (blue box). Had to handle transferring the collision from the box2D object to its parent entity which is not a box2D object.

Currently implementing actions on entities, so you can cut down a tree, build a house or weapon etc. Will then add in some enemies and have the island grow in size as you level up. Wont finish this is the time limit so may have to check the rules and do another 7 days!

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