They Look Strange And Have To Die

My little 7DRL was finished yesterday. I’m a bit disappointed by how few time I had to polish the gameplay, but at least the end result is somewhat pretty, although I do know that is not the important aspect of a roguelike. Apart from the music I did everything alone. I didn’t have any time left to add sound effects, unfortunately.

They Look Strange And Have To Die is a first-person shooter roguelike where the player (somehow) stranded on an alien planet and has to find the exit. It’s quite short, as there are only 3 levels, but one has to kill a certain amount of aliens before the exit portal is usable.

If you want you can download the game on I will probably update it soon with different music, but that is not relevant to any aspect of the game, so I hope the entry will still fall under the 7 day rule.

Thanks to Jana for the support, and thanks to the #rgrd on QuakeNet for the motivation.

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