Cyan Security – A Cyberpunk Success!

Cyan Security

Hello everyone! My name is Numeron, and this was my 10th attempt at the 7 day roguelike challenge πŸ˜€

My game was a success and can be downloaded here!

In this game, you command a Cyan Security Robot, on a mission to investigate and exterminate the source of increased disorder in the area. As you kill your enemies, your combat chassis charges up and when ready you beef up to a large 2×2 unit! This helps because there are also plenty of enemies at 2×2 tiles, and the final boss is 3×3. Another unique feature is, instead of consumable items, you get permanent upgrade cards which cost energy to use – energy also being your health so you can’t spam them too much!

I spent time this 7drl doing not just those new features, but also on the lighting engine. I made them colorable and animated, so they can flicker and glow – all things which add considerable character and atmosphere. Take a look, though I suggest downloading and checking it out yourself as everything is animated πŸ™‚

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

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