Werewolf: Blood Moon- semi-success

This was my first 7DRL, and I did not get nearly as far as I hoped.

I lost two days due to other obligations, and fatigue eventually wore me down…but I do have a playable game (even if it isn’t very fun right now) and a lot of seeds in place to expand upon the concept.

I used this project to learn Ruby and its ecosystem, and I find I really enjoy the language. I didn’t get a chance to implement half of the things I had planned, but I will continue working on and expanding this. Perhaps I will have something with more polish on my next attempt.

The basic concept is that the player is a werewolf on his last night of lucidity, and he has a choice to revel in his madness or seek a cure. There were a lot of ideas around scent-tracking and predator/prey animal behavior that did not make the sprint. The replay value was to be in the adjustable difficulty, which is present but not fully.

Instead of using libtcod or ROT.js or some other well-established library, I decided to try my hand at writing my own FOV and pathfinding functions. I used BearLibTerminal for output, which I love because of the simplicity with which it handles drawing functions. This cost me a lot of time, but I did learn a lot about scaling algorithms in the process.

Dijkstra maps are really, really handy for movement-based AI. They’re also easy to scale and fast with proper implementation and design.

I enjoyed the sprint, and have a seed of a game to develop to show for it. I feel accomplished, even if disappointed in the end result.


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