7drl.org users – can you give feedback?

What are 3–5 ways 7drl.org can be improved?

Help us to prepare for this year’s challenge!

5 thoughts on “7drl.org users – can you give feedback?”

  1. Better spam detection or turning off email notifications of replies after challenge or something. I subscribe to email notifications during contest but after the contest there’s always a lot of spam. It’s not a big problem though really.

  2. I was thinking maybe have a second 7drl in the year. Every ~6 months? The second one could be more restrictive. Maybe a theme or even an element you must or even better, an element or something you CAN’T do in your game.

    Maybe build out the site? That way it’s not a blog, itch.io page, wiki and just a bunch of other pages. It’s really scattered around and needs to be centralized as one site.

    What do you think of doing tutorials or some sort of content that gets produced year round? Probably would be participant content. Only those that participated in the jams are allowed to submit content? But something to keep the site alive during the “off season” of the jam. This one is probably a nightmare of work. But you did ask for ideas. If you want me to elaborate, let me know.

  3. Best to start simple: more content.

    Getting roguelikers to post interesting articles here will gradually bring in more people. As the site grows, you learn more about what people read or look for when they come here.

    This could be a great place to read about all things roguelike. Maybe even a focus on experimental roguelike mechanics, which is kind of what a 7drl is all about.

  4. Please remove the question,

    “In the original *Rogue* game, what was the name of the item that players were required to retrieve (three words: “A… of Y…”)?”

    when trying to register an account. I just want to make a game for the competition. I don’t know some obscure trivia about the original Rogue.

  5. A bit late for the suggestions, but how about changing the theme to a dark one (i.e. light text on dark background)? It seems that most roguelikes use this type of colour scheme and adopting it for the blog would make screenshots look better.

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