Warp, Day 1

Starting late, as this was the earliest I could start. To prepare this year, I looked at:

– Pico8: Amazing, but I think drawing curves in it is going to be too difficult with me at my current level of skill with it.

– Bitsy: Nifty, but not going to work.

– Last year’s 7DRL attempt: Overly complex attempts to model everything as objects in order to have simple drawing code. Overly complex update flow.

– Looked at recent Wizard Jam attempt: The bones are probably a good place to start. It was a cellular-automata-based game, but I think the update flows were sensible.

I do have some concepts in mind for this year’s game, but based on my past attempts and my late start, I know they’re not going to come into play. My goal is to have something solid in three days that I can build upon later.

For the next few hours, I’m going to get an update look going and drawing to canvas.

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