Turncoat Tomb: Day 5

Stop Hitting Yourself!

I had an interesting bug come up yesterday which I called “Stop hitting yorself… stop hitting yourself… why are you hitting yourself?”
Turns out if you program your player to automatically attack anything you bump into, then make the space bar do the standard “rest” thing where you don’t go in any direction… guess who you bump into!   YOURSELF!

My friend who is a biologist interestingly said, “This is a perfect video game analogy for autoimmune disorders. Just saying. Am not a nerd in multiple dimensions- am not!”

It was easily fixed but I did spend a good 10 minutes or so having fun with it and it may turn into a “feature” like a curse or something.  Actually it’s a perfect curse for this game because the theme is all about manipulating the behavior of your fellow denizens –turning them against each other and themselves or rallying them to help fight the real enemy which is the undead of the tomb.

It’s hard to get momentum… to get going.  I put it off by writing things… I’m doing it right now.

Another thing that hinders progress and puts completion at risk is my tendency to add unnecessary but still awesome effect and then spend a ton of time perfecting them instead of adding essential game mechanics.

The blood effect is beautiful if I do say so myself:

OK Back to it…

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