Turncoat Tomb Day 7 DONE!

Well here it is all done!

I PULLED IT OFF!  I can’t believe I did it!

I am beat! This was very intense.

Turncoat Tomb

Four coats to turn to and 2 glorious weapons slots.

I did all of the the game graphics every bit in Construct 2’s sprite editor from scratch.

I had to give up a lot of things I wanted to put in, but this is a very fun and complete game.    The thing is, as you go up the tower, the undead get tougher way faster than the rest of the monsters or you.  So the only way to survive is to slowly make frenemies with the color monsters so they will help you or at least not bother you against the living dead of the tomb. To do this you need to turn your coat as the name suggests.

ASDW directions.  Have fun it’s right here:


Here’s the description I put on itch.io:

Around the levels there are coats.  When you get one you can switch to it and those monsters will leave you alone.  There are different colored altars that push out monsters.  Grey altars give you weapons and health when you put gold in them.

Other colored altars accept donations in exchange for that color hating you less.  When you drop gold in them (10gb at a time) a number form 1-10 floats out indicating their animosity toward you (whatever color coat you’re wearing).

The crypt altars will give you nothing but pain and they will always hate all life. But they’ll take your gold anyhow and who knows?  Maybe they will ask you join them.

It’s played entirely with the A S D W keys for direction.   Mouse click on coats and weapons to equip them.

Once you’re dead, the game reloads.

Sometimes it’s hard as… well it’s a Roguelike that’s for sure!

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