Turncoat Tomb Update 1


When you’re almost killed by red monsters but then put on your red coat:

Instantly, you’re buddies.  The game literally thinks you’re a red monster only controlled by keys.

Derren Gray has officially said touch ups and updates are OK, moreover I officially turned in the game with 2 days to spare (really I did exactly 7 days) but 2 days before the deadline… so I might try to squeeze in a couple of these this weekend!



  • Chompers were accidentally way too tough their to-hit was way to much.  Fixed.
  • You get ep for donating to the grey altars as well as weapons.  This is a good way to level up even if you’re getting too friendly with the beasts.
  • Special undead coat now has 2% chance per 10gp
  • Your starting Max HP now matches your 30 starting HP
  • It’s much cheaper to buy favor with monsters so now it will actually do something.  Not a lot but something.  Under 5 hate, they won’t chase you down but will still take a swipe at you if you’re close probably.
  • A couple of graphical fixes that were bugging me.

To Do:

On top of the four weapons from the grey altar, I have weapons for the other altars.  You need

  1. a distance attack of some sort
  2. a reason to ever switch weapons.
  • Also upgraded coats.   Some super coats where you get ep if your color monster kills other monsters, where they follow you and stuff.
  • Not stuck with coats.  Let the player drop a coat!
  • Better hit animations.  I want screen slashes and chomps when you get hit.
  • Rougher screen-shake
  • Coat mixing spell!  Takes 2 of your coats and combines them!
  • Turn Monster weapon effect or spell.
  • Hunger clock type thing.

Windshield monsters:

I don’t like the idea of windshield monsters, every monster should have some chance to kill you, but I’d like to add some generic grey monsters just to match the altar and give  you some more battle fun.  Also these should be run over by the other 4 color beasts.

Work on monster AI  It’s not good at following you out of rooms, which is fine but I’d like one monster that can.

Some super monster undead weapon if you get the shadow coat you can then buy or gamble for or something.

Just some Thoughts

Meet the 3 basic monster types:

Chomper  Hunter  Caster 

Chomper just has a meelee attack and very basic tracking
Hunter has a stronger meelee with possible bleed effect and can track you better (I’m adding straight path finding)  but he can still lose track of you.

Caster has chomper AI with a distance attack that’s a spell based on his color:
Blue: Electricity
Green: Poison
Red: Fire
Yellow: Laser

Undead have the same 3 types:

These basically do the same thing only about double damage, the caster has longer range and well… they’re worse all around.

So… Here’s my Idea:

I don’t like hunger clocks.  They’re stupid and frustrating.   But you need something to get you to move the game along so… The one thing that got me going when I was playing arcade games in the 80s was Evil Otto!

Imagine a hideous corpse just laying there and everything is paused between turns… and out-of-turn a spirit rises up and starts following you in real time!    That damn thing don’t play by no rules!  It goes through walls and everything.  Maybe have a dark vignette and creepy song and whispery creepy sounds when it arrives to make you get out of the level… That’s what I’m doing.   The tomb has a spirit.  That’s what you’re ultimately after.

The Spirit of Turncoat Tomb.

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