Turncoat Tomb  Fixes, Features, and 4-chan trolls


Update   Fixes, Features, and 4-chan trolls

Turncoat Tomb got a major nugget of negative criticism from some anonymous person on 4-chan (found it by googling Turncoat Tomb)  and it’s weird here it is:

“Can only move in 4 directions. Combat is a stupid puzzle where you just find the right item and instantly win. When you die it spends about 8 seconds zooming out before even starting to load a new run. -2/10 actively worse than the games that aren’t even roguelikes.”

That’s pretty harsh and kind of bizarre: almost as if he didn’t even play the game at all.  There is no “puzzle where you find the right item and instantly win” combat is basic bump attack with D&D style to-hit vs armor class rules it’s nothing special.

Of the 7drls this person “reviewed” most got a zero out of 10 (highest was 3)  and it is on 4 chan- if you scroll down a bit people complain about the “Jew problem” no joke.  A real classy place.

However there are a couple of legitimate gripes buried in there.

The zoom out takes too long I took that down to like 2-3 seconds.  That’s my bad it was way too long.

It is only 4 directions.  But then so is Dungeons of Dreadmore.

I could make it 8d pretty easily, but to be honest I never cared about diagonals.  I didn’t know Rogue even could go diagonally for a long time, and you end up going SQRT(2) grid spaces instead of one so it feels like cheating when monsters do it like it’s one space.  Keeping 4 directions gives  the player a particular kind of game flow that I like. Plus the keys are weird if you do 8d.

The “puzzle where you find the right item and instantly win” really puzzles me.  Why would someone think that?  The problem is some of the game mechanics aren’t super obvious right off the bat –particularly giving gold at altars and what that does.

I’m not sure how to fix this without maybe an optional tutorial level or something.

The whole point of the game is monster-on-monster combat, so I added experience for the player for friendly monster kills.  If “your team” scores a point you score some too so there’s more incentive to get them to fight each other.  You can now discard coats just like weapons.

Anyhow I uploaded a new release that will hopefully get me up to a more respectable score of 0 for the discerning 4-channer.

  • Less time between runs
  • Can now drop coats (except the grey coat) just like weapons
  • Friendly monsters no longer block the player (that was a major frustration for play testing)
  • 1/2 Experience points for friendly monster kills! You get ep for their kills
  • Added Some combat sounds
  • Got rid of unused sounds
  • Faster beginning spin
  • Weird bug where it sometimes gives you a sword at the beginning?  Left in. It seems to do it really periodically and I can’t figure out why. It’s kind of cool actually.  I was thinking of doing that but some emergent bug in my code did it for me.
  • Added “to next item” on the text that floats up when you give gold to a grey altar.Here it is:https://uberdroidgames.itch.io/turncoat-tomb

I would love some more feedback hopefully a little more constructive than that one, but it all helps.  I suppose I can take some comfort in the fact that of the 100+ entries it was one of a handful even talked about in that dark corner of the internet…

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