Stygian Abyss – SUCCESS!

Stygian Abyss is a procedurally generated first person action dungeon crawler; survive the legendary Stygian Abyss to find the Codex of Ultimate wisdom, a new adventure awaits you every time! Features A level generator inspired in Ultima Underworld Explore the environment in a first person view. 8 classes with different starting equipment and skills 11 … Continue reading “Stygian Abyss – SUCCESS!”

Stygia: Post-7DRL Bugfix#2

Another release of my 7DRL, Stygia has been released (v0.12), to fix some more reported bugs. Available from Fixes in this version: Fixed an issue with the view not being centred on the player after  using a scroll of Teleportation. The Quit (‘Q’) command now works properly. Added a version notifier to the title screen. … Continue reading “Stygia: Post-7DRL Bugfix#2”

Stygia: Bug fix of 7DRL version

Due to users reporting some game-breaking issues, I’ve had to recompile a bug-fix release of my 7DRL, Stygia. v0.11 is now available here (both code+ executable as before in the same package) and fixes the following bugs: Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent monsters from moving and doing stuff on their turns Fixed an issue … Continue reading “Stygia: Bug fix of 7DRL version”