Saligia: success


Saligia is finished.

Despite some underestimatedly time-consuming real-life obligations, I managed to implement spells, special attacks and racial powers on days 5 and 6; the last day was mostly spent playtesting, fixing bugs and writing documentation and flavour text.

Development was somewhat hectic towards the end, and I didn’t have enough time to thoroughly test all functionalities, balance the gameplay, or make the AI as intelligent as I would have liked. Still, the game is playable and winnable, and all features I had planned are present. I’ll consider that a success.

You can get Saligia here.

Saligia: mid-week report

Saligia (day 4)

About half a week has passed since I started working on Saligia. I am rather satisfied with my progress so far, and barring any major unexpected delays, I should be able to finish in time.

On day 1, I made a randomly generated map and an @ with a limited field of vision walking around in it.
On day 2, I gave the @ attributes and skills. I also made other creatures for it to attack; sometimes they even fight back.
I was too tired to do any serious programming on day 3; all I got done was the character generation and some flavour text.
Now it’s day 4, and so far, I’ve implemented a targetting system that provides information about enemies and is used to select targets for ranged combat, as well as for the spells the @ will be able to cast soon.
Other than spells, it will gain racial abilities and special melee attacks. Once I’ve programmed those, all I have left to do is write some documentation and flavour text.

Initially, I had planned to give the player character (and the enemies) an inventory, but I don’t really see a need for it. For just the sword and bow the character has, no inventory is necessary, and adding more items would hardly accomplish anything useful that other game mechanisms cannot, especially since there are no consumables.


I’ve decided to create my first 7DRL, titled Saligia. While its setting will be fairly standard, its gameplay will contain a few somewhat unusual elements:

  • There will be neither consumables nor resources (such as health, mana or satiation). The latter will be partly replaced with status effects and cooldowns.
  • Being wounded impairs a character’s abilities.
  • Characters can perform more than one action per turn.
  • A character’s attributes influence its abilities both positively and negatively.

I might occasionally post updates about my progress here, but it’s very possible I’ll be too busy and/or without internet access.