Boothill post failure development: Land of Strangers v01

I know I’m streching the time frame for the challenge here, but in case anyone may be interested:  I’m continuing development of my failed western-themed 7drl “Boothill” – now titled “Land of Strangers”. I’ve set up a Google code repository, and will be posting updates to Roguelike Temple and rgrd.

The current version features an infinite desert randomly populated by scorpions and straight-faced goons, and a skill system that will hopefully prove interesting with some further development.

As always, Minotauros

Boothill failure

As I had more than half expected, actually, Boothill 7drl turned out a failure. Due to lack of time, I didn’t get further than assembling some of the framework for a game. Maybe I’ll make it another year.

All the best to everyone who participated. I’m looking forward to tasting some of this year’s crop.

As always,