The Goblin’s Well Update Video #02: minor changes, better code and movement

So i realized that our game is turning on… a real game! This is fantastic! For our first game, we are very happy to make this real, and we hope you all have fun with it. But before you can play it, it’s time to advances!

1- 12 monsters;
2- 23 tilesets for level design;
3- better player movement;
4- all-in-one dungeon building system (enviroment and monsters placing in the same time)
5- random dungeon generator;
6- music and sounds;
7- better code.

And here is the video:

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The Goblin’s Well Update Video #01

Hi, it’s Artur from level2project, and i’m very happy to show you our first update video of our game:

After 24 hours of code and art work, we have about 60% of all game mechanics, including movement, audio, collision detection and simple monster A.I. We are using Tiled for level design, so the game won’t have randomly generated levels.

Our first 7DRL, our first official game!

Hi, my name is Artur and I’m the level2project’s programmer. We’re very excited about this game, because it’ll be our first official game as a game studio. As I said, I’m the programmer and designer, too. Bruno is our art director and Hamlet is our “social guy”. The game is called “The Goblin’s Well”. It tells the history of Almox, a adventurer and explorer, who is sucked into a misteirously pit in the top of a hill. Down there, Almox realized that place was not just a normal water well. You have to help him to find a way out of there! For that, you’ll lead Almox through great dungeons and subterrain caves, full of monsters and treasures. Secrets of a ancient history will be revelead, and secretes about Almox’s personal life too…

Well, the challenge has started, so it’s time to code!

1- You can find more info about our game and our studio here;
2- This is the link to the subpage of the game’s development;
3- This is the future download page;
4- And this is our twitchtv channel!

We hope you like our game! Bye (: