Chess+ Day Six

I haven’t been uploading too many updates since I’ve been working on game feel, which is somewhat difficult to show via screenshots, and I’ve felt too lazy to try and use prose. Oh well.

At this point, gameplay is almost completely done. There are a few changes I’m not 100% sure about, so I’ll be having some friends playtest and give some feedback on them. Even still, those changes are really easy to alter, so I’m feeling pretty dang confident about having the game done by tomorrow night.

I’m not entirely thrilled with the AI, but I also don’t know how I’d change it, so I’m leaving it as-is for now.

There’s a playable demo up at

I’ve learned quite a bit about Unity and turn-based games; overall, I’m happy with the way the game has turned out. I’ll be adding visual polish and balancing difficulty until official release tomorrow.

Chess+ Day Two

Dungeon generation is complete and bug-free! I’m now working on spawning the appropriate enemies and getting the game loop down.

It’s even harder to see the checkerboard styling against that dark grey Unity background when your map is zoomed out, but here’s a Very Large Dungeon (much larger than any level I’d want to play) with a more traditional wall/floor coloring.

Chess+ Day One

This is my first 7DRL, though I’ve done a few other game jams in the past, and a couple roguelikes on my own time (doing a roguelike is basically a rite of passage for game devs, right?).

I got the idea and started making it at midnight, so I’ll be finished by midnight on March 14, central time. Working on dungeon generation today:

Got a few bugs, as you can see, but hopefully I’ll get this done today and start in on the really fun stuff tomorrow.