Mysterious Space: Rogue Dug

roguedug-1THIS year I am making a game that takes place in the same “universe” as my entry last year – Mysterious Space – and is largely inspired by the old-old game Dig Dug (as you may have guessed from the name).

unlike both Mysterious Space and Dig Dug, however, Rogue Dug is decidedly turn-based! unlike most roguelikes, though, on each turn you get a number of actions equal to your POWER. digging takes an action; moving takes an action; using a weapon or tool takes an action. think D&D, FF Tactics, or Dofus/Wakfu… yes? yes! close enough!

roguedug-2 roguedug-3

I think the pictures explain it pretty well, but the story of Rogue Dug is that you are an archaeological robot, digging up artifacts from a long-dead world that once was home to intelligent life. you are not very equipped for the monsters you find there, however, so you will have to carefully arrange for your enemies to have boulders dropped on them, a la Dig Dug (boulders not yet implemented >_>). to help, you also have a tool that can fire stunning shots (also not pictured, but largely implemented), and bombs (also-also not pictured, and not at all implemented). however, as you dig for artifacts, you will also find new items – tools left behind by this mysterious civilization – to help you. so that’s nice!

I spent the first couple days ripping the basic engine from Mysterious Space, getting the basic movement mechanics in, and implementing a simple A* path finding algorithm (something I’d never done before!) I spent other days being sick! >:(

for the rest of the challenge, my goals are, from MOST important to LEAST important:

  1. boulder-dropping mechanics.
  2. enemies actually posing a threat. (right now they just get up close to you. and you can go through them. hm.)
  3. stun gun and bomb mechanics!
  4. upgrading your ship.
  5. more enemies.
  6. adding as many creative and unique artifact descriptions as I can.

then I’m done!

I have not been in the best health this week, so I may need to cut corners/content in a few places – I already consider myself a little behind – but I’m confident I can have a technically-complete game by the time it’s over!

the game is being made in C# using MonoGame, and a custom-made game framework. you can use either a keyboard or xbox-alike controllers, as these are best suited to exploring space. MICE ARE WEAK.

Mysterious Space post-7DRL updates

I’ve been working on my entry – Mysterious Space – ever since the end of the 7DRL challenge. I realized late into the challenge that I missed out on an important rogue-like feature: exploration! So the first thing I did was entirely redo how levels are generated, making them larger, and allowing the player free movement.

I’ve made a lot of other changes as well, and am continuing to update, posting newer versions at

done! well, not really, but time’s up :P

Download: MysteriousSpace-7DRL

For windows; requires .NET. Some versions of Windows need to install the OpenAL32 library (by Creative Labs), so I included it in the ZIP. This requirement is because MonoGame is not the best library, which I learned a bit about through making this project. (It’s pretty good! Just… ‘got some problems…)

I recommend using an xbox-like gamepad, but you don’t have to.

When you win the game, it almost certainly crashes.

Things I would have liked to have done, but didn’t have the time, but may do later:

  • Taller levels, and allowing the player free movement, rather than forcing them forward. I realized that this would be 10x cooler than what I have MUCH too late.
  • A “you got the mysterious thing” cut-scene. Instead, you will have to pretend you get the mysterious thing at the end of Sector 9.
  • A “you win” screen after getting all the way through Sector 0. instead of it crashing 😛
  • A graveyard/highscore table
  • Volume control (there’s some sound effects)
  • Background music (MonoGame is REALLY BAD at this)
  • More balancing of equipment and monsters
  • More types of monsters


last video update – Saturday morning, I gotta’ release!

I’m not going to have as much time as I’d like to finish this thing up, but that’s just how these game jams go, I suppose 😛

all the important features are done, the game can ALMOST be beaten (and lost! you still don’t die, but that’ll be easy to implement, so I’ve been holding off), and the code base is preeeetty solid (there’s some sloppy code to be found, for sure, but not too much), so it should be easy to expand upon in the future, after the 7drl competition, assuming there’s some kind of interested audience 😛

there’s a lot of crazy equipment I would have liked to have added, as well as additional monster/AI types, but tomorrow’s the last day I have to work on it, and I think a lot of that time’s going to be spent making a win screen, game over screen, and title screen/menu UI (hopefully with saving and loading – woo: serialization!), soooooo… WE’LL SEE 😛

end of Thursday: ship customization

I had other things I had to do today, but was able to sneak in two important features this evening:

  • equipping & unequipping ship parts! useful!
  • “character creation”! rogue-like!

character creation features procedurally-generated back-stories for your ship, including its color, and allows you to name the ship (gamepad and keyboard both supported!)

the color of your ship also affects the window detail and selection border colors in the UI, as seen here:


see? important 😛

possibly also worth noting: the “underline” beneath the weapon name (“Blaster”) also serves as a progress bar for the weapon’s reload. for most weapons, this is so fast that the bar is pretty useless – you’re basically gonna’ always hold down the fire button – but I’m definitely intending on adding powerful-but-slow-loading weapons, including “weapons” that do things other than shoot bullets…

space-shooter rogue-like, 3rd video update

I’ve implemented potions/scrolls – or “Alien Artifacts” – with effects including messing up the screen, eliminating your shields, doubling your fire rate, making you invulnerable, and more. in the traditional rogue-like fashion, you won’t know what a particular colored Alien Artifact does each game until you use it the first time.

you can use these potions using the new pause/inventory UI, which took forever to make, but I think it looks beautiful, so I’m happy 😛

monsters also now drop equipment, however equipping items has not yet been implemented.

Mysterrrrious Spaaaace – second update

  • moving enemies – you can KILL
  • enemy bullets – that can KILLexceptyoudon’tdieyetshh >_>
  • points (@TODO: graveyard)

I probably lied at the end of the video when I said I’d work on more enemy types next: upon further thinking, I believe I should first focus on monster drops – including “potions” and “scrolls” – and inventory management UI. gotta’ get those Rogue-like basics!