SanitasRL – Success


You can play the game online at or read the readme with more in-depth information at

Instructions on how to play the game are shown when you start the game and can be shown at any time by pressing ESC.

This was my first 7DRL and to be honest my first completed game ever. I am very happy with the end result although I think the game might be a little bit too hard, I’ve only completed it once my self… but hey, it’s a roguelike.

There’s a total of five levels in the dungeon and a small boss fight at the end.

The game mainly focuses on resource management, the less health you have the more powerful you are. The only ways to recover health is either to drink from a well, which only restores a fraction of your health and are sparse, or equip a certain item, but it only works once.

I have learned a massive amount during this week and it’s really spurred my interest for both roguelikes and developing more game. I usually have a problem keeping focus on something and continue working with it during a longer time period.

This whole week has been an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to play a lot of 7DRLs the coming weeks.

Sanitas RL – 147 hours in

Now we’re really beginning to close in on the release. Mostly everything has been put into the game now. What remains is really just balancing, bug testing and polishing, a lot. I’m really happy how the game has turned out so far and I hope it will become even better tomorrow.

After thinking about graphics for quite a while I decided to go for an ASCII style instead of tiles. It just really seemed the best way to not using someone else’s art, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it myself. And with this decision I also realised how much work I did for nothing, stuff that only mattered if I would use tiles.

SanitasRL – Midweek

So, half the week has passed. I’ve made a proper list of the things remaining to be done and I think it’s definitely within the time schedule. Yesterday I implemented a turn system and AI for the monsters and today I got started on combat.

The thing I thought would be the most fun part, adding various items and monsters have proven to be the most boring and tedious part. I suppose I’m not a very creative person at all. But I’ve managed to get some stuff out and I’ll stick with that and start balancing things over the coming days.

SanitasRL – End of day 3

Three days into the challenge so far. Although I didn’t have to much time to spend on the game today I still managed to get a couple of things done. I cleaned up a lot of code, it’s amazing how sloppy code you write when you’re on a deadline. I also got field of view and fog of war into the game, something I’ve never worked on before. I tried to read up on  shadow casting but settled for the original Rogue way of things, to just light up the room you’re currently in. I put some images in for the various items, to get a feel for how I would execute that.

I really think I’ll need to set at least one day of for play testing and performance optimizing, the game definitely doesn’t run slow but I think I can do a hell of a lot better… Like not calculating the FOV every frame.

The goals for day 4 is hopefully to add some combat functionality and figure out the basic combat formulas.

SanitasRL – End of day 2

My progress so far has been pretty good and I feel pretty confident about the week so far. Still figuring on the graphics style for the game, if I should give tiles a shot or just go with ASCII.

Here’s a screenshot of the game in it’s current state, if you somehow could decipher the colours.

During day one I got the dungeon generation and player movement working. Today, day 2, I implemented a look command, picking up items and the beginning of enemies.

SanitasRL – Hour Zero

SanitasRL is my first ever 7DRL, my first roguelike even. I’ve never even tried procedural generation and other roguelike-features before so this will definitely be an interesting week. I’m going into this without any preexisting code, although I experimented with some procedural generation the last couple of days though so I kind of know how to start off.

The game will be quite a generic roguelike with a focus on special items and an hopefully interesting health mechanic. It will most likely be a coffebreak game (aiming for 10 – 20 minutes of game time for each character), this because of the health mechanic. It will be playable in any modern browser and it will be developed from the ground up using javascript.

Well well, off I go and preferably I’ll land safe and sound next Saturday around 20:40 CET.