Waaaghammer Updated (04 version + Tile “support”

I have finally gotten around to uploading another bug-fix binary.

I have fixed the remaining known crash bug when wielding weapons (AI or player) as well as a few other combat issues.

Plus I added TILE “support”. Tiles are supported but I don’t have very good ones (except for the excellent squig ones :p ). (I forgot to add ammo tiles, so the are just a white selection box)

Thanks to “arthandas9” for some ideas/bugs/support.

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So I have posted elsewhere but here goes for prosperity 🙂  I have a later bugfix up now 🙂 Homepage here

You play an orc who awakes confused and disoriented into the world.  Find your way in orc society and  meet your destiny, or die trying.

The game has 10 areas to explore.

Two separate playing methods, Dirty Fighter or Squig Master.  Once every level you can unleash a WAAAGH.

Homepage here Windows binary but source available.


Inversion of Control source released!

I have finally gotten around to uploading the source.  The bad news is that I have never attempted to build it on any other platform but windows.

Currently it requires:

  • OpenGL
  • SDL
  • freetype2 lib

It comes with a Visual Studio 2005 solution and it should build without any other downloads.  Should work with 2005 express.

If anyone can build this let me know, especially if it is a linux build or something like it.

http://code.google.com/p/ioc/ -look at the download section

Cheers corremn

Inversion Of Control v05- Final bug fix version?

So here we go, after 5 bug fix releases and still no new content I present the latest Inversion of Control game.  I have kept in the spirit of the comp by not adding any new features just bug fixes and slight tweaks of the AI and level up mechanics.

Inversion Of Control – The game where you guide a misguided adventurer down a dark hole by controlling his cat or dog. Its a role reversal game where you do not play the main character, but don’t fear at times you can take direct control over his actions with Mind Swapping TM. And features some cool smell mechanics, watch this improve as you pet levels up.

Over the 4 bug fix releases there have been minor fixes to speech and AI, numerous crash bugs eliminated, stackable potions, fixed mind shifting on different levels and a better tile experience.

Thanks for playing and keep reporting bugs.

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/ioc/

Some reported changes since version 01 Code:

  • BUG: Smelling is now turned off when changing to master mode.
  • BUG: You can now switch minds when master and pet are on different levels.
  • MOD: Ordering a panic should not crash the game.
  • BUG: Forgot to set avoiding monsters to actually avoid enemies. BUG: Fixed Master and Pet experience level issues
  • MOD: Potions now stack in inventory
  • BUG: Can now manually enter the masters name.
  • MOD: Modified some master/pet speech
  • ADD: Added smell tiles to tile version
  • BUG: Fixed positive damage from ranged weapons
  • BUG: Fixed starting position of player and master
  • BUG: Fixed game freeze on master death
  • BUG: Thrown items should not disappear
  • BUG: Fixed crash upon AI throwing invalid items.
  • + More

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/ioc/

Success: Inversion Of Control

Introducing my entrant into the 2011 7DRL previously unannounced on this blog. Version 04 bug fix is out.

Experience the pet/master dungeon, mind swapping extravaganza simulator and exciting unwanted bugs for you to discover.

To set the scene, we have one dungeon, one adventure, one pet and a whole host of baddies.
Ok sounds dull and boring, right? The difference is that you get to play the pet, not the adventure.

So your job is to keep your adventure alive long enough to get to the bottom of the dungeon.  How do you do this?
Well you have a unique bond and mind, you can communicate to him with simple requests and he will do the same for you.
Your master will wander around searching the dungeon for nasties and items and will “smartly” decide what to do.
If you lose track of him you can always use your nose to locate him or other denizens of the dungeon.

But your most important talent is the ability to temporarily gain control of your master, swapping minds if you will.
This is where you get to control the master, and he gets to control you.

*Features mind swapping, master/pet control system and smell mechanics.*

Available in both tiles and ASCII.

Homepage  – http://code.google.com/p/ioc/

Binary for win32 only – source to follow soon.