A distraction courtesy of Roguelike Radio

Need a break from staring at baffling stacktraces?  Or maybe just a bit of background noise whilst you pump out more lines of code?  Well, Roguelike Radio is here to help, with a new podcast on the 7DRLs of Yesteryear:


This is a perfect time to reflect on some of the greats from 7 years of 7DRLs, and the episode showcases some of the favourites from Jeff Lait, Ido Yehieli and Darren Grey.

Rogue Rage day 1.5

I’m about 34 hours into my 7DRL and admittedly not making much progress.  Display set-up is mostly there, and the basics of the stance and rage mechanics, but no solid gameplay.  Coding is proving tough for me this year  :/

To alleviate my mind I’ve taken an hour off to jiggle with some graphics.  I present the awesome splash screen for Rogue Rage: Rogue Rage splashscreen

Hopefully I can make the game cool enough to justify it  🙂

(Original plasma fist image by ~cmdr on deviantArt)

Done so far: Interface, controls, some snazzy graphics effects, logo thingy, stance data structure
Major to dos: Advanced battle mechanics, stance effects, dungeons, enemies, bosses, story, sound effects, music, polish, polish, polish…

My 7drl: Unstoppable 2

I feel like I’m cheating a little by making a sequel to my 4drl from the October 4DRL competition.  But… I just don’t have time for anything more.  With a house move and being away near half the week I’m not sure I’ll even get 3 days to make the sequel game (which with the work on the original would add up to 7 days  😉 ).

The sequel shall be called UNSTOPPABLE 2: Beyond Infinity. New features planned:
* Infinite levels
* High score system (I’ve never done that before)
* Char dumps on death (again new for me)
* Save system?  (never done before, so not sure how easily I can learn in what hours I can spare)
* Vastly revamped interface to make it more arcade shooter style
* Player power-up abilities collected from dead enemies (essentially items – again new for me, but it should be simplistic enough to be almost trivial in implementation)
* New constructor behaviours and varying level sizes
* Original story mode as an option with its own high score, if I get time
* Various other ideas that come to me during the week  🙂

Best of luck to everyone taking part – the biggest fun is always getting to play all the other games at the end  🙂