Rogue Rage day 1.5

I’m about 34 hours into my 7DRL and admittedly not making much progress.  Display set-up is mostly there, and the basics of the stance and rage mechanics, but no solid gameplay.  Coding is proving tough for me this year  :/

To alleviate my mind I’ve taken an hour off to jiggle with some graphics.  I present the awesome splash screen for Rogue Rage: Rogue Rage splashscreen

Hopefully I can make the game cool enough to justify it  🙂

(Original plasma fist image by ~cmdr on deviantArt)

Done so far: Interface, controls, some snazzy graphics effects, logo thingy, stance data structure
Major to dos: Advanced battle mechanics, stance effects, dungeons, enemies, bosses, story, sound effects, music, polish, polish, polish…

My 7drl: Unstoppable 2

I feel like I’m cheating a little by making a sequel to my 4drl from the October 4DRL competition.  But… I just don’t have time for anything more.  With a house move and being away near half the week I’m not sure I’ll even get 3 days to make the sequel game (which with the work on the original would add up to 7 days  😉 ).

The sequel shall be called UNSTOPPABLE 2: Beyond Infinity. New features planned:
* Infinite levels
* High score system (I’ve never done that before)
* Char dumps on death (again new for me)
* Save system?  (never done before, so not sure how easily I can learn in what hours I can spare)
* Vastly revamped interface to make it more arcade shooter style
* Player power-up abilities collected from dead enemies (essentially items – again new for me, but it should be simplistic enough to be almost trivial in implementation)
* New constructor behaviours and varying level sizes
* Original story mode as an option with its own high score, if I get time
* Various other ideas that come to me during the week  🙂

Best of luck to everyone taking part – the biggest fun is always getting to play all the other games at the end  🙂