Riders of Rhea: Release

I just finished my entry, Riders of Rhea! Download it here if you like: https://powerhoof.itch.io/riders-of-rhea

I wanted to make a top-down, stat heavy space shooter style game, but with motorbikes, in a desert (instead of spaceships in, well, space). I miss the 90s PC games that had most of the screen filled with overly-complicated HUD so wanted to try something like that. Usually I’m streamlining designs down to the simplest mechanics so it was fun trying to do the opposite (not that it ended up that complex really).

It was an intense week, had to cram most of the work into 5 days, but I’m happy with where it ended up. I spent too long trying to balance the bike physics at the start, and also putting way too much time into fun non-critical features like tyre tracks and text generators.

I’d hoped to get more roguelike features in, it’s lacking in that department, it’s especially lacking the procedural world/town/encounter generation I would have loved.  But it’s got permadeath, random stat upgrades and resource management, that console font, and some generated text item names, hopefully roguelikey enough!