Dock’s Tower Game



I’m going to take another stab at 7DRL!  I tried to make one last year for the first time, but I tried something way too ambitious and ran into a ton of bugs.  I’m coding it from scratch in Unity, and hoping to focus on gameplay before I worry about artwork and content.

This weekend I’m coding up an engine, then I’ll get started on the game on Monday.

Restless – the Dream Forest – Failure

I’ve had to throw in the towel with my Roguelike, at least in terms of doing it for 7DRL. Whilst I’ve done a bunch of 48 hour challenges before, I managed to face a large hurdle at every step of this project.   By the time I realised how far behind I was, it was too late to start something simpler.

In terms of mistakes, my main mistake was that I didn’t get the basic game flow with enemy movement and combat in early. Things like maps, graphics, and everything else is icing on the cake when I should have been focusing on the foundation.

I also scrapped and remade some of the systems for items and characters, but I don’t consider this a mistake as my work was much faster and effective afterwards. Definitely something to remember in terms of software design for the future.

Despite everything, I feel like the event was a success for me. I didn’t lose any sleep, or neglect other aspects of my life and work, and I learned a lot of new techniques.

Also, I’ve decided to keep working on this project for another week. Hopefully I’ll have some of the major problems ironed out, and I can decide how to take this project forward.

I’m looking forward to playing some of the 7DRLs now! 🙂

Restless – Day 4

Today I’ve made a lot of solid progress, yet I’m still surprised at how much there is left to implement. Seven day jams feel very different to the 48 hour competitions I’m used to, that’s for sure. I need to start focusing on a core gameplay soon, and writing a list of priorities. 🙂

Restless: Dream Forest – progress

I started work on this on Monday, and I finally feel like I’ve got something working. I’ve never created a procedurally generated map before, so I’m pleased to have this working okay and giving me an area to walk around in.

Next: Keep working on map generator, adding more themes and objects, such as the forest and caves, and goal tiles so I can move through a series of areas.

Dreamy Forest

I’m going to try to make a Roguelike for the first time.  My game is a about a girl whose dreams take her to a magical forest.

I’m planning to keep gameplay simple, with my inspirations coming from Powder and other simpler to play roguelikes.  I’ll be using Unity3D, but I’ll be making windows/mac EXEs.  I haven’t coded anything like this before, so many areas of this will be tricky for me, but I’ve done events like Ludumdare before several times.

My website was hacked a couple of days ago, so I’ll have to decide where to post progress updates. Time to sketch out a design and a plan.