Gourmancer: The Marvel of Modern Teamwork

This scandalous IM conversation reveals the dark troubled lack of sync between the coder and the designer of Gourmancer.

Fruit Pie: Monsters carry parts.
Fruit Pie: They drop parts on death.
Fruit Pie: You pick up parts.
Fruit Pie: They also carry a random seasoning 20% of the time.
Fruit Pie: Which might be too much.
Fantasy Heaven: oh snap
Fantasy Heaven: I thought they’d just be corpses and you extract ingredients based on technique
Fantasy Heaven: (or analyze to ruin the corpse but get lots of technique)
Fruit Pie: I thought you’d get the parts and could analyze THEM to get technique.
Fantasy Heaven: welp
Fantasy Heaven: game ruined, 7drl failed

(Also I’m pretty sure it’s almost to playable status or something.  I wouldn’t know, I just come up with stupid stuff then write the content for Pie to copy/paste.)

The Gourmancer

A very good friend is coding a roguelike in Python for this challenge, and I’m tagging along to write and generally be useless in assisting him. Our game is intended to be relatively simple, short, but entertaining and hopefully humorous.

You are the Gourmancer, a magician of unimaginable gourmet powers. You’re also terribly, terribly hungry, and there’s a dungeon full of monsters nearby. You know what you must do.

By cooking and eating monsters, you’ll gain power and abilities that will help you further down, eating your way through rabbits, vegan zombies, half-kangaroos, and wheat elementals. Discover a variety of recipes through experimentation and analysis to get the most out of your monster remains. Not only that, but recipes can be improved to taste even better, if you know what else you can add to it.