Failed 7drls

So I thought, I’ll go over failed 7drls, maybe I’ll find something interesting. Actually I haven’t realized there were so many failed ones, especially when in the last days you’ve seen all those success posts.
If the link for download wasn’t available, I was trying to find any related info on page linked under “Game Name” on roguetemple page.

Here we go starting with some (more-or-less) interesting ones…

  • RogueAI – unity, looks quite nice, I must say better, than some of the finished ones :> [Rogue*AI]
  • SuperMarioRL – st33d changed it to Bump!, but it’s actually playable and not that bad (but I think levels are somtimes unpassable) [Super Mario RL]
  • Dispatch: Rogue Planet (froglick) – rather not a roguelike, seems to be done by group of people really nice pixelart and reminds me lot of “Cave Story”, there are “debug enemies”, rendered as boxes. Would really like to see that one finished. [froglick] (run: “love.exe src”)
  • Forrest Story – you start literally naked in the forrest. Not bad – quite nice arts, but I dunno if there’s something els to do beside gathering food and sleeping [Forrest Story]
  • AliveRL – there was a bug, think I’ve fixed it so it runs, but dunno how to get past 1st level, looks quite nice though and would be interesting to see it finished. [AliveRL]
  • Loihe Lausumahan – based on a thread on TIGsource seems to be continued after 7drl, really weird mechanics and blinking can probably cause Epilepsy
  • EDIT: forgot about this one, Submerged Cavern, looks really nice, although I think there are no enemies, this is the only link I could find [Submerged Cavern 2013]

“looks” interesting

  • Clerk’s Creed – nothing to try, but art looks cool [link]
  • AutomataRL – nothing to try, but screenshot looks nice: [link]
  • dunno – Terry Cavanagh – only YT video, but doesn’t look bad youtube


  • Rise of the mobs – well, there are no mobs, only labirynth and moving, but main character is uber-cute
  • Gangs7er – quits after some initial texts, intriguing though.
  • EmbedRouge – level and few rats in it [link]
  • Zombie Battles In Caves – there are Z’s, and some H’s, but you can’t actually do anything to them, at least it seems so
  • !hack – Jahn – nothing to do you can walk, and dungeon quakes and slowly kills you
  • Project Pandora – seems there’s only level generator ?
  • Overworld Survivor Zed – hmm some interface, can walk, and that’s pretty much it [link]
  • Dungeon Romp 2 – level, walking, collecting, that’s all probably
  • RogueVerse – level – doesn’t seem to be randomly generated, walking
  • Traversal – nothing to do actually, some levels and portals between them. There is either something wrong with the font or it was made on purpose.
  • Burder – unity, don’t know if there is possibility to do anything, tried pressing whole keyboard, only Z/X does something
  • LawmanRL – something’s wrong, seems like the screen is not cleared before drawing next frame

NOT tested

  • stabby – haven’t tried that, src only and requires sfml
  • 7DOM – exactly as above
  • Unnamed – Philipp “fillest” Saveliev, Tosh – python+libtcod, tried to run it on windows, but I’ve failed.
  • AutoRL – c#, no binaries, sorry haven’t tried
  • BuildRL – looking at the source there are many JS included, but seems it doesn’t work for me (FF, Chrome, Opera)
  • funedaphi – requires python3, which I don’t have, sorry
  • House on the Hill – written in racket, haven’t tried
  • Dredd RL – seems it doesn’t work in FF, Chrome or Opera :/
  • Stepsons of the Universe – the only thing that shows up is “The Story so Far…”
  • Wonderboy-in-Ascii-World – requires coffeescript, sorry don’t know what to do with this
  • Run Rogue – can’t clone repository (?)
  • Towers of Klorenth – C++ and no precompiled version, so I haven’t tried that
  • Iron and Steam – haven’t tested, as I don’t have tome4 here, [link]

Urwald – bugfix release

Although I’ve failed here’s small bugfix release.

I haven’t touched the logic, to keep it as it was in 7drl release, fixes few dummy things:

  • if you get killed, you can hide the console, to see, where was that bastard who killed you,
  • ‘ending’ screen, if you somehow manage to kill all of them,
  • slight change in colours, to make poachers more visible, and you can actually change colours in color section in data/data.lua
  • you can turn off intro screen in intro section in data/data.lua


last pix:
light pink highlight in open space
dark red highlight in shadow

P.S. in most cases, you won’t see poachers in shadows, but it can happen, as is presented on second pic

Urwald – post-mortem

I’d like to expand a little bit, as previous post was sort of messy (I was tired and sleepy writing it).

I’ve stated I’ve failed, but that’s not exacly true.

I’ve stated in Day0 post, that mostly I would like to see how one works with Artemis (cpp port) entity system. I think in this I succeeded. That is after week of work I think I get the idea, so I’m quite happy about it.

Evil Master Plan

As I’ve stated, I think it’s important to have detailed plan, here’s how mine looked like, and how it actually ended-up:

1 level generation + basic movement level generation + basic movement
x change movement system -> action system, add firing fov (including fov for NPCs)
(not much done on day 3)
x fov (including fov for NPCs)
x animals movement and firing changes (still not done)
5 AI for animals and NPCs? firing saga continues…
actually create action system
6 AI probably, trails + sounds ai basics for animals, weapon reloading
7 polishing ? ai for poachers, lots of ‘last minute’stuff

If you take a look at table above, one clear thing comes up from this, I didn’t have slightest clue, how much things will take.
If you’re wondering why those things took me so long, the only explanation I have, is that if you want to use entity system, you really have start to think the way entity system works (or at least how I believe it should work).
Positive side is I had good hunch, that I should do action system early, if I did I think it would make some thing simpler (i.e. I probably wouldn’t spent so much time on firing thingy)

As you can see from the table, final thing is not polished, as on last day I was struggling to have at least some AI for poachers.

Now there’s one more thing about this plan, I believe it’s not detailed enough, if I thought before, what animals do I want to have, and how they AI will look like, it would have become obvious to me, that I won’t be able to do all the animals I wanted (I wanted at least 6). Well at least not in C++, which brings us to another point…

Weapon of Choice

I work as a software engineer and C++ is sort of my main language, which I think entitles me to state the following I would strongly discourage anyone from using C/C++.

It probably depends, on what would you like to focus on, but I still think statment above holds.

What you will probably want is fast prototyping, and words C++ and prototyping shouldn’t be put in one sentence 😉

Vanishing point

Also I was starting almost from scratch (well mostly because of that want-to-know Artemis attitude, and it was actually my first RL), I’m pretty sure I am not gonna do that again.

If you really want to focus on the game, I’d suggest framework e.g. full-blown like Tome-4, or take a look at things other people were using (especially those who succeeded ;))

Devil is in the details, distractions, bugs

I also spent some time to have quite generic lua-based parser – that is cool, but it’s something I should a) either have upfront, b) use something ready, c) use something simple and change it later in need.

Oh one last thing, remember to include time for debugging in your plan 😉

I hope I’ll be able to try again next year. I’d try doing something that would fit in three-four days, and spend the rest on polishing.

Urwald – day 7 – FAIL

Well, I sort of saw it coming 🙂

Pic from today, poachers set to hate poachers:
Urwald - day 7 - that escalated quickly
“That escalated quickly” sort of pic 😉

  1. I wanted at least few animal classes with different behaviours.
    1. Haven’t done that
  2. In it’s current form it’s totally unbalanced, poachers are shooting
    deers like ducks! NOEZ!!!!
  3. I wanted to have’ board 1024×1024 with view 65×65
    1. Had to shrink that due to performance reasons
  4. Wanted to have maaany entities
    1. Currently there’s about 700, so I wouldn’t say it’s many,
      not to mention the fact, that poachers kill most of deers during initial turns…
  5. Main lesson: I had some initial code, but definitelly not enough, to make proper game. I’ll probably try next year.
    Another thing, have really detailed plan, I had only few points, so it wasn’t well planned.
    Btw, it’s really motivating, knowing, that hundreds of other people are also working 🙂

    One more funny pic from todays
    Urwald - day 7
    I’ve managed to move, and two poachers killed one another 😀

    If anyone would like to try, here is download:

    That would be all I guess.

    (edit: modified links, so they point directly to bigger version of imgs)

Urwald – day 5&6, T-29h

Fri – day 5
Firing was working, but my code was kinda crippled, I thought, “ah wth, I’ll make proper action system”, probably not a wise decision so late… so I’ve splitted what was old movement system into two parts, action system – that recieves intents and is responsible for calculating ‘ticks’, and after it’s done it passes control to proper system (movement, firing, reloading).
Turned out decision about making it wasn’t that stupid as adding reload system was simple.
Urwald - day 6
Screenshot above is actually from today, as I haven’t done any yesterday.

Urwald - day 6 .2
Later today I’ve started doing some simple AI for first animals – read: fleeing.
On pic above deers don’t flee from me but should flee from poachers (at least I hope so).

It’s t-29h, I think I won’t make it (and according to what I wanted to have – I’m sure of that), but at least I’d like to have something playable (and maybe even enjoyable!) tomorrow night.

Oh, P.S. thanks to my friend who supplied me with invaluable Kofola brought from Czech Republic! 🙂

Urwald – day 1 and 2

Uff, just a short note…

Urwald - day 1
Monday, day 1. Got initial movement system running, forest generation, dummy entities that always go RIGHT 😉

Urwald - day 2
Tuesday, day 2.

I’d like everything to be fully simulated, without cheating (i.e. far monsters not moving at all), and I’d like to have maaany entities.

I want to have FOV for each entity, due to copying involved couldn’t use TCOD fov, so had to fight a bit (way longer than I expected), to do my own version.

tired, and sleepy, but content, so far I’m fulfilling short plan I’ve made 🙂 next post on Thu.

Urwald – Day 0

…will hopefully be a roguelike game about Poachers.
You’re the Forester and your main objective is to stop them.

Everything will take it’s place in primeval forest.

Soon stood, in robe of mist, the oak,
A tow’ring giant in his size,
Where darkness through the thicket broke,
And glared with hundred gloomy eyes.

Game will be coded in C++ with help of libtcod (mainly for rendering),
Artemis-Cpp entity system and as much other code as I can steal.

I already have basic project (that is result of different previous trials),
that have both libtcod and Artemis and it even compiles!

It’s my first attempt to do and finish roguelike (or any game for that matter),
and I treat it more as a testbed to see how to work with Artemis, but since it’s Day0,
I am full of hope that I’ll be able to finish it.

For 7drl it’ll probably be x86 windows only if I succeed I’ll
probably try to do x64 version and linux port (should’n be a problem).

Today I want to collect some more information that I’ll need, and I’m starting tomorrow (Mon, GMT+1).

Lots of participants this year, I wish everyone success!