Eden Sector – Success!


Eden Sector is done!

It’s a brand new complete, winnable game, set in the world of Approaching Infinity. Download it here: http://ibol17.itch.io/eden-sector

Join the resistance in their quest to overthrow the evil Bankers. Follow clues to find “Eden Sector”, the resting place of a legendary artifact. Make friends with strange aliens along the way. And finally return to your people through an active war zone.

You can see me here going after the famed Amulet Of Yendor:

aoy in sight

It’s a very user-friendly modern graphical roguelike. You can use numpad, hjklyubn, or an XBOX controller to play. It’s feature-rich, with procedural maps, items, and monsters. You can hire Officers and choose their skills when they level up. You can even take advantage of A.I.’s random crafting system. Encounter 70 types of monsters, and find 50 types of devices

Eden Sector, Day 5

aoy in sight

Using an insane amount of cheating, I finally have the Amulet of Yendor in sight! It’s surrounded by invisible dragons, but you can’t see them because I didn’t take the elective quest to get the dragon detector (name pending!)

Today started off very frustrating, trying to track down a save/load bug. Then there was so much drama about putting Eden Sector together (sector 26, the game’s namesake). But it’s done. I’m working on the return journey now. And that has its own set of problems too.

I am really hoping I can have something to send to David and Simon tonight. I live in USA, in the EST time zone, so I’ve got about a day left (as far as I know). Tomorrow will be polish, and hopefully adding some features that I’d really like to get in.

Eden Sector, Day 4

eden sector pic

Eden Sector is a mod of Approaching Infinity, an upcoming Space Roguelike.

Eden Sector uses the core technology, resources, and background world of A.I., and introduces a brand new adventure. You travel across space (and time?!) to find the fabled “Amulet of Yendor”, a mysterious relic that just might help your people take revenge on the evil enemy that decimated them 80 years ago.

The first day was spent tying up loose ends on the current Beta state of Approaching Infinity. Day two was general story planning and base code modification. Day 3 included writing half the new quests, and day four (today!) was all about actually make them work!

Saturday will be spent (hopefully) doing a second round of optional quests, and introducing some new items and monsters, while tuning the existing ones to a 26-sector experience (as opposed to an infinite one!)

Sunday is reserved for polish, and all those little “Hey, wouldn’t this be cool?” things.

Wish me luck!



The Well Of Enchantments

The Well Of Enchantments

(wow, am i late finding this place!)

a successful 7DRL 2012 , complete for windows.

theme : “exploiting the superclass”.

zap a sandwich like a wand, eat a sword, read your boots, wear a potion.

72 magical effects exist, and you barely have time to identify them all in a single 7-level game.

download the 7DRL version here: http://forumfiles.thegamecreators.com/download/2327169                  (a known crashing bug is that sometimes when an item is removed from your inventory (read,drop,crumble,destroy item) it is still displayed, and if you click on it in your inv, the game will crash)

here is a “1 week later” version, with tons of little fixes, balancing, and playability/readability changes. i highly recommend this version for anyone who just wants to play the game for fun: http://forumfiles.thegamecreators.com/download/2330013

Here, http://youtu.be/T0n7QIi5Ptg you can find a video i did for Mastodon’s “Dry Bone Valley” using The Well Of Enchantments. shows lots of gameplay.

here is my limited dev blog, with links, etc. http://forum.thegamecreators.com/?m=forum_view&t=195004&b=48&p=0

Game Features:

22 monsters, thousands of possible items, 7 dungeon levels,win condition, detailed speed system, encumbrance system, more!