Powerslave – Success!

Hi all,

I finished the core mechanics, but I had to leave a lot of features 🙁

Anyway, since last update:

  • Preloader now looks like loading a game in ZX Spectrum (for nostalgy)
  • Store at the end of each floor
  • New enemy (spider)
  • Two first levels are easier
  • More SFX
  • Permadeath/Permagold

Powerslave is a rogue like inspired in the games I played when I was a child in my ZX Spectrum. It tries to mix ZX Spectrum games’ gameplay (like those from Ultimate Play The Game) with Roguelike elements.

In Powerslave you are pharaon that is buried alive in the top of a Pyramid. You must escape alive from the Pyramid. Find the keys (if neccesary) and the the Exit in each floor. Avoid or kill enemies.

  • Use cursor keys to move
  • Use Z to shoot (you need to buy magic to shoot)
  • Use TAB to toggle minimap (you need to buy the map for each level)

Play it here (requires Flash 12+)

I couldn’t implement:

  • Bosses
  • More sprites
  • New BGM


I’m tired….

Good luck to all.

To check my progress log: http://7drl.org/author/jfroco/

Powerslave, 5th post

Hi all,

One day left… even though  I’m not sure when started :).

Since last release:

  • Preloader
  • Enemies take you water and there’s a probability they drop an object when you kill them
  • Background music (composed a long ago, so I’m planning to change it)
  • Sound effects (thanks to SFXR)
  • Blur effect  (I hope it looks like a ZX Spectrum game)
  • More colors (only two blocks)
  • Improved difficulty

Try this version here. Use cursor keys to move, Z to shoot, TAB to toggle minimap.

To do:

  • Store at the end of each floor (weapon, speed, health, water)
  • More enemies (that attack you)
  • Final Boss (I have an idea about how to increase difficulty of the final boss)
  • More SFX
  • New bgm
  • Stats at the end of each floor
  • Keep water between floors (only if I implement the store).

My previous posts:

Good luck to all!!

Powerslave – 4th post

Hi all,

As the deadline is getting closer, I had to sacrifice some features… what I have implemented since last post:

  • Enemy 1 (skeleton)
  •  Weapon 1 (rock restricted to horizontal movement – max 3 in screen)
  • Gold (no use yet)

Try this version here. Use cursor keys to move, Z to shoot, TAB to toggle minimap.

To do:

  • Health counter
  • Enemy damage
  • Hearts (to recover health)

Whish list:

  • Store at the end of each floor (weapon, speed, health, water)
  • Final Boss


  • Mini bosses
  • Map as an object
  • More enemy types

Previous posts:

Powerslave – 3rd post

Hi all

First post

Second post

I’m a little confused… is this day 4 or 5?

Anyway, this what I have so far:

  • Intro screen (minimum)
  • Death screen (minimum)
  • Water: as time goes you run out of water, you need to drink (get bottles) to stay alive
  • Keys: you need to find the keys in the floor before getting the exit
  • Exit: here you can exit the floor. The next level is a larger floor.
  • Next floor is harder (larger)

So now it is like a simple maze with keys 🙁

Try the game here.

Use cursor keys to move. Tab to toggle the minimap

Still a lot to do:

  • Enemies
  • Weapons
  • Gold
  • Sound
  • Music
  • Make the map an object you have to found

I don’t think I’m going to have time to add:

  • Bosses
  • Different blocks
  • Other objects

Best luck to all!!!!

Powerslave – 2nd post

Hi all,

First post

This is the 3rd or 4th day..

I completed the maze generation, room transition and added a minimap. Thanks to feedback I changed the height of blocks to easy moving inside the rooms.

In the current version you can move throught the maze… and that is 🙂

You can try the game here.

Don’t forget to click inside the room to get focus, move using cursor keys, press tab to toggle minimap.

Still a lot to do:

  • More blocks
  • More room types
  • Enemies
  • Keys and doors
  • Chests
  • Weapons
  • Bosses
  • Etc.

All feedback is welcomed.

Good luck to all!!



My first time….

In PowerSlave you are a pharaon that is forced to be buried alive. You must escape from the pyramid. Find the parts of the key and the exit room to escape.

My goal is to create a game that looks like a ZX Spectrum game (yes.. I’m old):

  • The pyramid is  actually a randomly generated maze of interconnected rooms
  • Rooms are generated randomly
  • Keys are located at special places in the maze.
  • Enemies in every room
  • Bosses in special rooms
  • 3 maze sizes (5m, 10m and 30m game sessions).

Currently, I have this (move using cursor keys – don’t forget to click over the room to start)

  • A test room
  • The hero sprite
  • The collision detection (slide)
  • A maze generation (a modified version of backtracking) – not in the game yet.

Inspiration from Atic Atac (gameplay) and Binding of Isaac (maze generation) games.


So far I’ve been using:

  • Adobe AIR + Starling + StarlingPunk
  • Flash Builder
  • Paint.net

Good luck to every one.