No Game This Year

Hey everyone. I am not doing a game this year, last year I really didn’t have much fun with it. This would have been my 6th 7DRL. I’ve moved on to writing more and am having a lot more fun with that. So I guess I’ve switched creative outlets.  I guess I’ve sorta moved on.

I was pretty pumped this year though, had some fun ideas, but about 4 hours into coding I realized this challenge had become a chore, not fun. I’d rather be writing. I might be persuaded to make a card game at some point. We’ll see.

I hope everyone finds this experience rewarding, I certainly did.

Quick Takes Part 1

Assault Fish: Hangs on the loading screen. I blame win 8…It’s a bummer too because Eben usually puts out interesting games.

Golden Krone Hotel: Neat game, Vampire/Human theme with sunlight mechanics (I think). Powder type presentation and FOV. Lots of promise here.
Airship Dragoon Rogue: Interesting looking 3D game, like the old World Runner a bit. Run around in a Tron grid. Looks like you can pick up weapons and space bar bad guys to death in a beat’em up fashion. Real time.

Kraxln: Cool climbing RL. Watch for the goats! Very cool concept here.

The Littlest Princess: My game! Arcade inspired, run from the ghost. Pretty basic, made it for my nieces.

Rift – RL: Error: There should be ‘RiftRL_Data’ folder next to the executable. I must have done something wrong.

Goldfish: Wow. Classic presentation (ascii/console style). Play a goldfish who grants wishes to fishermen in exchange for being released. Basically the fishermen send you on awesome quests. Very impressive game at first glance.
Beware Strange Warp Points: This is a neat game that sets the map, or level/game progression like the Space Empires series of games. Basically a classic RL but the ‘stairs’ are warp points that lead you to another star system. Looks to have some solid depth, have to play more to know.

Mana Well: A classic rogue game, nearly a clone of Rogue. I’d love to dig into this one more but i can’t see it! Very very small, can’t figure out how to blow it up to full screen. Looks like a nice classic entry.

Data Queen: Ah Darren Grey, veteran of many a 7DRL. This year he puts out a hacking themed game with Hive style mechanics. Hive is a board game, or table top game since there’s no board. Hex based with QWEASD (queasy?) controls. Played it a bit, looks pretty neat, it’s not one of those games you can get a good sense of in 5 minutes though. Darren the icon for the .exe still has the TOME graphic. This game was made with the T-Engine, which I recommend for anyone interested in making Roguelikes but not interested in building your engine from scratch…okay, next game.

Commission Impossible: Web based ascii game. Scrolling levels. Seems to be a real time component somewhere but I didn’t see it. Story/Theme is you are going after some sort of ‘broker’. You play as Agent Mulder. I’m going to pretend this is an X-Files game. I stabbed a bunch of janitors. Note it has nonstandard up/down stair commands ‘[‘ and ‘]’.

Sand Dune Monster: Some sort of hex and web based abstract with skulls and stuff. Sweet foreboding tones for a soundtrack. Graphical.
The Curse of Midas: Point and click web game. Uses the Gervais tiles (I think). Classic fantasy theme.

Mountain of the Gods: Classic Rogue presentation and gameplay. Looks pretty solid but maybe a bit limited. A nice classic entry methinks. I’ll come back to this one.

Horddays: Zombies! Quirky sort of RL. Very smooth feeling somehow. Hard to say what all is here.

Hellspace: Numeron made this game. If looks and feels like many of the games he has made in the past, which is awesome. This one looks a bit more story heavy, hard to know with so brief a play. Some of the curved passages rotate the view to make it so the straight arrow keys can take you along curved passages.


Quick Takes Shout Out

I’ll be doing some 1 line quick takes of all the games this year again.

So update your game as ‘success’ or ‘finished’ on the game list and I’ll get to it.

I’m just finished with my game, a day early, so will be drinking beer and loving on some 7DRL’s. If I miss your game lemme know.

Note it’s just a quick take, not an in depth review. It’s more so people can make sense of what’s out there, a sort of guide to help people choose what they might like to play.

Also it helps out some people who might not know their game doesn’t work (this happened a couple times last year).

Here goes nothing!

The Littlest Princess – 2 Days Left



It’s a game. All the elements are in. These last 2 days will be improving the graphics, sound and music. I’ll add one minor element common in arcade games, which is how man ‘lives’ the character has. Give you 3 tries to start, and let you pick up more lives each level.

So there will be permafail but multiple lives.

There will be some bugs to squish for sure, so I’ll be adding no new elements.

The only major thing I had to cut were a variety of enemies and items, and tweening (might add that last day if I have time, it would be a HUGE improvement if I want non-roguelikers to play).

It didn’t seem fun at first, until I added the ghost to run from. Now it’s a bit of a brain burner. Avoiding gnomes is trivial. You can block them and freeze them all you like. Now do that while outrunning the ghost!

My game has like zero depth but good for one play through.

Keep ’em coming guys!

Alright Everyone! Final Push!

The end is in sight, get those bugs squashed! I am so ready to play your games.

I have 3 more nights, having started at the last possible moment, but I can see the end. My game isn’t that fun, but it will do what I want it to do.

I’ve learned that if you are making hobby games you shouldn’t make games for others. Your spirit will fade, your motivation wane. I’m making this game, The Littlest Princess, for my nieces. It’s super easy, simple. Too easy. Too simple. Not all that fun but maybe some will like it because of the simplicity.

Now get back to it!

The Littlest Princess

Nearly had to quit the competition today. Besides having to redo far too much coding on my engine I also started getting neck problems and numbness in my hands. Too much time on the computer.

I’ve switched to a standing desk for now, I think that will help.

So I’m back at it. Nothing to update, just been dealing with the pain.

The Littlest Princess – End of First Full Day

It’s not quite a game yet. The princess does her primary moves now. Making blocks, breaking them, freezing bad guys, moving around. Next we need the bad guys to move. Then it’ll be an actual game.

This one is not looking to be quite as fun as last year, but it’s infinitely more approachable.  I hope it ends up being fun and approachable, that’s my main goal.

The Littlest Princess Update 1


Slow start. Looks like I have to rebuild my roguelike engine from the ground up, and this pisses me off to no end. I use Gamemaker and the changes in Studio broke my old engine. Tried to use an old version of Gamemaker (version 8) but am having trouble getting it onto my new computer using my old license. So fuck it. Rebuilding.

No biggie, it’ll just take me 2 days to rebuild, and I have to throw out some of the animation for now. So my pieces will not move smoothly so much, but rather they will jump from spot to spot as is classic for roguelikes. I’ll spruce it all up if/when I have time.

One thing I’m pumped about is that my characters are wrapping around the screen just fine. This is supposed to be a ‘cutesy arcade RL’ so going off of one side and coming back on the other side of the screen is a must.

The Littlest Princess

I was going to make a leprechaun themed game, but I think after watching Frozen I’m going to go with princesses.

This will be a single screen low resolution grid, maybe 30×20 or less. It will have awesome 16×16 pixel graphics done with minimal skill. Some sound and music as well.

Mechanically it will be the standard procedural board with goodies and baddies spread throughout.

The gimmick will be that your princess can control ice. She can place ice blocks on the ground, or break them. She can freeze baddies and kick them into other baddies and get more goodies.

With cutesy theme and easy controls I’m hoping for this to appeal to my nieces. They are currently between the ages of 1 and 5…so maybe a little young but I’ve been wanting to make them something for a long time.