“Space Explorer” – Day 3

I have wanted to do a 7DRL for years now. Every year the challenge comes around, and I have some other commitment keeping me from participating. This year, I have finally decided to go for it and put together my own roguelike!

I’ve been working on Space Explorer for almost 3 days now, since I started on Saturday. In case it isn’t painfully obvious from the name, the core idea for Space Explorer revolves around exploring space. You get paid for completing research and unlocking various discoveries. All you have to worry about is making enough money to keep the lights on (and the life support… that’s pretty important too). All this would be easy if it weren’t for “encounters”… which is sci-fi speak for when weird space things try to kill you and your crew.

Here is a screenshot of what I have so far:

Space Explorer – D3

I have star system generation, movement, scanning for research, and an equipment/inventory system. The big, scary missing piece is the encounter system… that should be up and running early tomorrow.

Thanks for checking out my game! I am looking forward to seeing and playing everyone’s awesome 7DRLs in the coming weeks.

Jeremy (feudant.com)