RobberyRL – Success



RobberyRL is finally done. It is a turn-based platformer roguelike with sneaking and thievery. It was made in Purescript and it runs on any modern web browser (except Firefox apparently). Your objective is to steal 50% of the loot in every level. The level layout is always the same, because making a random level generator for this type of game would have taken too much time. The levels appear in random order (except the first one) and the items are randomized. The player can sneak, run, climb, swim and jump.

We added a system, where items can have prefixes that affect their stats. You might find rusty swords, masterwork daggers and broken armors while looting the houses. Weapons and armors also have material, which affects their final stats.

You can play the game in your browser here.

You can also read our development log here. Github repository is here.

RobberyRL – Progress of the first few days



RobberyRL is a turn-based platformer roguelike with sneaking and thievery. The objective is to steal as much as you can and get out alive.

The game is made in Purescript, which is a strongly typed functional programming language that compiles to Javascript. We have implemented movement and jumping and we will focus next on guard AI and path finding. Implementing a map generator for this kind of game would have taken too much time, so we decided that the levels will have predefined layout, but they will still contain random elements.

You can read our daily development log here. Github repository is here.

Necromancer Simulator 2014 – Failure

Necromancer Simulator 2014 was supposed to be a game where you can sneak into villages, kill its citizens and turn them into zombies. You’d live in a tower, which you can upgrade to make yourself and your zombies stronger. Once you had a large number of zombies, you could siege the king’s castle, kill the king and conquer the kingdom.

The game was close to being finished, but it was missing some core features, so our team considers it a failure. Real life took too much time last week and we weren’t able to efficiently work on the game. Right now it’s somewhat playable, but you can’t die or fight the villagers directly. You can only watch as your zombies slaughter the villagers and then you can turn them into new zombies. The player has fireball, drain life and forcebolt spells, but we didn’t implement targeting system, so you can’t actually cast them. The game has a static world map where you can walk around and enter any village. We didn’t have time to implement the tower upgrades or finish the king’s castle.

We made the game in Haskell and it used OpenGL to draw a window which can display characters that have two colors. For example a tree could blend from green to dark green, or a mountain could be white at the top and dark grey at bottom.

The game is somewhat playable, but you can’t win or lose. You can download and try it at its current state here. The source code is available on Github.

Necromancer Simulator 2014 announcement

Team Kalamakkara will be participating this year also. We decided to make a game where you play as a necromancer. You’ll be commanding an army of zombies and attacking villages. The goal is to gather enough zombies and attack the king’s castle and conquer the kingdom.

The game will be made in Haskell. The game will use OpenGL to draw a simple console window. You can follow the development of the game here.

Tower of Despair – Success


Tower of Despair is a roguelike game where you won’t be going down in a dungeon. Instead you must climb a huge and complex tower.

– Cone of view for the player
– Equipment durability
– Hunger, cursed equipment, lots of items
– Scripting system, you can make your own mods
– Everything is described verbally
Other players’ dead phantoms can invade your game

Our development blog is here:


If the game doesn’t work, you need to install OpenAL. The installer is included in the windows version.

Windows – Download (38 MB)
Windows no music – Download (2 MB)

Linux – Download (37 MB)

The linux version probably doesn’t work, I didn’t have time to test it. You need Mono to run the game on linux.